"Maybe it’s because you are so insecure
Or maybe your pain don’t care
Maybe it’s the chase that really gets me off
It falls so when its just not there"

- Maroon 5: Infatuation

"I’m touching your skin
If it’s only a fantasy,
Then why is it killing me?"

- Maroon 5: Infatuation

(Source: Spotify)

(Source: Spotify)

I am so glad that I came across BANKS!

I mean come on, her lyrics as just so awesome, deliciously full of feelings and evoking an intimacy as if she’s speaking to you or able to pick out an experience that you can relate to. 

"I got this thing for you
if you come closer I can whisper in your ear
and if you wanna walk away
I’ll tell you all the things I know you wanna hear."

- BANKS: Warm Water

An open letter to the boys who only want to fuck around…

imageThis is what I came across on my facebook newsfeed today and I honestly cannot agree more. A girlfriend and I were taking about boys who refused to grow up, after she was hurt by one of her male acquaintances whom she was involved with. She said something along the lines of “by the time you want to get serious, all the good ones will be taken”. 

  Now I’m not saying that youth does not entitle you to freedom or the right to make mistakes in the process of learning…but when you fuck up (and consequently fuck people over) and deliberately and repeatedly make the same mistake…it’s going to catch up to you. Most likely not right away, but definitely in the long run. 

  Go ahead, have fun and be a boy, but don’t forget to become a man until it’s too late. And I mean, when you wake up and you have nothing but memories and regrets-kind of too late. As for my ladies, do your best not to waste your time, energy, feelings, sleep, money, what have you over an insignificant, insensitive, noncommittal and emotionally unavailable  prick who will not reciprocate everything you could possibly give him. 


FYI Israel has resumed bombing Gaza and has already injured 2 children.



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I think all of us can relate to Lydia…

if we think back to a time when we were given either a gift or a responsibility that we never asked for, and it brought us more trouble than did us any good. Or maybe, you’ve found yourself in a situation where even your loved ones don’t believe you and think you’re crazy. 

I feel so bad for Lydia…

out of the main characters on TW, she’s probably the most tortured mentally (which in my opinion is worst than being mentally unstable or challenged like for ex. Meredith).